GPS Geocache Treasure Hunt, West Pearl River, Louisiana

Louisiana GPS Geocache Treasure 7-29-01


595a UPDATE 7-29-02: We returned exactly one year later to the day by motorcycle and swapped out this cache camera that was very near full of images. The camera and cache has been “sunken treasure” repeatedly as the West Pearl river floods regularly and has left the cache “out or reach” underwater for weeks at a time this past year. We made many trips to check on it because of the flooding, and because people that can’t find it always say:

“It’s gone, go check on it”!! ———– he…… he…….he………..

ALL the contents, camera and images are in PERFECT shape! ALL the images (21 photos!) are posted down below! Long load on modems but worth the wait! They all look great! Many thanks to all that have participated in the making of this great cache and the nice images of all the fine people having fun. If you want your name/s posted please email them to me. The log book copies will be online here next.

Bob & Bobby Bertaut

This Cache is Now Gone!

This cache is near the West Pearl River In Louisiana!

This GPS cache has the following items:

A log book to sign

3 pens

a camera for the finders photos

an introductory GPS cache letter

a new pack of Duracell AA “Ultra’s”

a new deck of playing cards

a new yoyo

and a new crescent wrench “shifting spanner”

Cache container is a Coleman insulated screw top cooler with gasket.

We took a Sunday Ride on our XS650 motorcycle and discovered this great cache location.

The Container Location Is:

N 030° 22.916

W 089° 44.274

595a UPDATE 7-29-02 Cache Camera Images:


Shybabe924 & Sydnie



Ethan Mayfield in the Tender Years t-shirt and Jonathan Puissegur, both 7 years old.

Corey by Barry Pearson


rebel_chick522 & Buck8Point

Team J&K – daughter & granddaughter from Indiana (left Tweety & Mickey hitchhikers!)

gritney1 the bayou rat

Sampson by: Mike & Phyllis 11-3-01







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