Speckled Trout, Birds, and Fish Police

Speckled Trout, Birds, and Fish PoliceWe went to the crowded beach at Port Fourchon at dawn and we saw hundreds of people fishing, and none catching, so we drove down to Grand Isle and caught some speckled trout in the surf there.Fourchon Public Beach at dawn Saturday. richard maize . People were out in the water all the way from the barges to Belle Pass at sunrise, many had camped and spent the night!We caught 21 Speckled Trout and got 5 keepers. (10 filets) in the surf at Grand Isle.Saw this “hog” in front of the nice new Ricky’s Motel, near the entry end of Grand Isle.We stopped on the way back along La-1 to thow the cast net and see if we could get some shrimp to go with the trout, and this magnificent Egret walked right up looking for a meal.I only caught 8 shrimp, so I gave them all to my new friend who promptly ate them all.Thanks goodness these two bullet proof vested fish police check for “criminals” fishing at leisure in the ditches on the side of the road. Sometimes the plain clothes guy (right) shows up first asking about the fishing and acts like your friend. We have been there repeatedly, and of course we did nothing wrong.