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Yamaha XS650 Motorcycles

We have many pages of information and photos online now with more coming: product test and installations, carbs, coils, ignitions, cams, piston kits, porting, exhaust systems, and much more planned for the worlds most popular twin, the XS 650 Yamaha, which sold from 1970-1983 and was Yamaha’s biggest seller of all time.

“Track Streeter” Project

“Amen Savior” Chopper Softail XS650 Project

Wheels and Front end assembly are stock XS 650 parts. Motor is part of the basket case 1974 I got with the above bike. I sold the Sportster tank, this is one of the 4 gallon custom tanks I use on our “Bertaut & Son Classic” hand built full size custom cruisers I build. Chassis is 1970.

XS 650 Performance Parts

Web pages with information I have posted online:

http://www.lafishmag.com/XSprimary.html Tricked out, lightened stock primary covers

http://www.lafishmag.com/XScrawfish.html First annual Louisiana Yamaha 650 mailing list crawfish boil.