LaFishMag Fishing Photos

294 Spillway On Fathers Day 6-19-11

293 Baffin Bay Redfish

292 Shell Beach, La. 5-29-2011

292 Elmers Island Is Open Again 5-28-2011

291 Jens First Drum!

290 Fishing Web Cam Live Movies!

289 Saints Fan With Fish!

288 "RangaTang" You Tube Video

287 31 Different Fishing Articles

286 You Can Order One Famous "Rangatang" Fishing Lure!

285 Tom In Grand Isle, La.

284 Ron In Texas

283 Fishing Elmers Island and Caminada Pass

282 Catching Mullet In The Cast Net

281 Pendulum Casting From The Beach

280 Red Sea Fishing

279 Fish In Gulfport Miss. 03-20-2010

278 Eric Cains Redfish

277 Criminal Records

276 Check Out My Blog

275 Corinas Big Trout

274 Big Black Drum

273 25in, 8lb Spotted Trout

272 Bull Redfish Caught Surf Fishing Video

271 Trout Caught Surf Fishing Video

270 Drum Caught By Kevin

269 Sharks Caught Surf Fishing Video

268 All Fish Caught with RangaTang Fishing Lures Video

267 Two Big Drum, One Big Redfish

266 Holly Beach, La. Redfish

265 Chad Robertson With A Big Black Drum

264 Chipmunk With Trout

263 Big Bull Red!


261 Carp, Shad, and Catfish Caught In The Spillway


259 Everyday Fishermen In Texas

258 All The Bonfires In Gramery, La.


256 78.3lb Blue Catfish caught by Bill Monteith

255 49 pound Big Drum caught in Texas

254 Hunter with his first Redfish, Sheephead, and Flounder

253 Big Redfish and a Bid Drum caught near Corpus Christi, Tx.

252 43 Speckled Trout Caught By George Norwood & T-Clyde Norbert

251 Big Drum Caught Last Nite In Matagora Bay

250 Big Drum Caught By Michelle

249 ParrotDogs Gulf Of Mexico Fish

248 Steve’s First Tapon In Gambia

247 LaFete d’Ecolgie Festival Today 92907

246 Dave With A Big Gaspergoo, or Big Drum In Florida

245 Shrimp Caught In The New Orleans Spillway

244 Donald Martin With Big Redfish and Bass

243 Yellow Fin Tuna Caught by Richard Murphy and David Naron.

242 Port Fourchon, La. Public Beach Is Open July 14, 2007!

241 Redfish, Gafftop Sailcat, Shrimp, at Grand Isle Today! May 19, 2007

240 Bluegill

239 3.75 lb Oscar Caught in Florida.

238 Big Redfish

237 Raina Wimberly with Bass

236 George Norwood With a 7# Bass

235 Staceys Big Redfish 2007

234 Texas Black Drum 2007

233 Grand Isle, La. Fishing Photos 2007

232 Fantasy Festival Girls In Florida

231 Sand Shark and Jackfish In Port O Conner, Texas.

230 Tarpon Rodeo In Grand Isle Part 2

229 Tarpon Rodeo 2006

228 Rangatang Fishing Lures

227 Christmas Bonfire Festival Night 2005

226 Christmas Bonfire Festival Day 2005

225 Gaspergoo and Shoepick Real Image

224 Wood Boat Show In Madisonville, La.

223 Hurricane Katrina Damage Images

222 2005 Tarpon Rodeo In Grand Isle


220 Dolphins & Endangered Sea Turtles (caution graphic images)

219 Noah’s Ark Is Found

218 Ladies, Jacks and a Spanish Mac

217 How To Throw A Castnet Video Download By BB2 (11yrs old)

216 More Bull Sharks Louisiana Surf Fishing

215 Bull Shark, Manta Ray, Louisiana Surf Fishing

214 Awesome BIG Black Drum In Brasil

213 Big Mississippi River Catfish Caught in Marrero, La.

212 Fantasy Festival Girls In Florida

211 Speckled Trout, White Trout and Whiting

210 Fourchon Public Beach Land Update

209 Speckled Trout, Birds, and Fish Police

208 Shrimp, Small Trout and Croakers In The Cast Net

207 How To Filet Trout, No Skin or Bones!

206 Grand Isle, La. Speckled Trout In The Beach Surf

205 Lafitte, La. C-Way Marina Offshore Charter Fishing Photos!

204 Rough Surf Redfish, Friends Outback and Survivor

203 The Crucifix Fish: The Gafftop Sailcat Catfish By Request

202 Louisiana Geocache GPS Global Positioning System Treasure Hunts 1 and 2 !

201 2 Big Redfish Caught Saturday At Fourchon Public Beach!

200 Big Redfish Caught With Our Friend: Eric Rieman from Chicago!

199 More December Big Redfish, Bananas, a Coleman Lantern!

198 December Bull Reds, Shrimp and a Bull Croaker!

197 Johnson Bayou, La. December Bull Reds!

196 Mike Breikenbecker, from Florida hooked up with a 38 pounder!

195 Spectacular Free Public Fishing Piers in Grand Isle, Louisiana

194 Trout, Spectacular Jumbo Shrimp, a Croaker & a Wrench! Saturday

193 Kelli and Liz Both Catch Big Grand Isle, Louisiana Redfish!

192 79th International Tarpon Rodeo, Grand Isle, La. Saturday

191 Jackfish, Trout, Bluefish, & Meagans Snowball Stand Wednesday

190 Bluefish, A Few Speckled Trout, and Killer Chocolate Malts

189 State Park Erosion Update, Saturday, 2 Dollars Still Buys Plenty Fun!

188 Schools of Trout, Dolphins Feeding, and Blue Crabs! Saturday

187 Dozens of Small White Trout & Speckled Trout, Thursday Morning

186 4 Sharks, a Jack, one Speck and a Spanish Mac! Grand Isle, La.

185 Holly Beach, Louisiana Rough Beach Conditions

184 Eddie Roya’s Cameron, Louisiana Fishing / Diving Photos!

183 Mosquito Lagoon Florida Fishing Fun!

182 Cajun Girls, Sharks and Assorted Marine Life

181 Rain, Wind, Waves, Seaweed, and 3 Speckled Trout

180 20 Knot Winds Down the Mother Road

179 Easter Sunday Spanish Mackerel, Shark and Winds!

178 Beach redfish, shrimp. squid, beer and oysters!

177 Catfish, Dolphins, Pelicans, Turtles, Jellyfish, Rough Surf

176 Surprise White Shrimp & White Alligators!

175 Outstanding Rangatang Fishing Lures!

174 Bill & Bess Pope’s December Holly Beach, La. Redfish Photos!

173 Port Aransas, Texas Big Redfish Caught By The Payne Family!

172 Handbuilt Castnet "In Progress" Photos From Cajun Charlie!

171 Bobby Jr.’s Fishing Photo and Pokemon Web Pages

170 Record Garfish Caught On Zebco Rod and Reel!

169 How To Get To Port Fourchon Public Beach!

168 Sportsmans Paradise Louisiana Surf Fishing!

167 November Gulf of Mexico Surf Fishing Redfish!

166 Raymond Cunningham & Robert Culbertson Fish Photos!

165 Port Fourchon Beach Open Again! Big Fish!

164 Fishing in the UK and around the world with Liam Dale TV!

163 Grand Isle On The Beach & On The Rocks

162 Steve & Kennon Payne from San Antonio, Fish Port Aransas

161 Red, White, Blue, Ghost, Horseshoe & Speckled Crabs!

160 Stormy Surf Fishing Grand Isle, La.’s West End

159 Vanishing Grand Isle, La. State Park Report

158 Saturday Sharks, Sting, Tarpon & Beach Sweep!

157 Labor Day Weekend Surprises! Big Bull Reds & Mule Trout!

156 The Hinton and Serda Families Fishing at Fourchon

155 Ladies, Trout, Jacks, Snapper, Macs, Sharks and Angels

154 New "All Shark" Photos Page By: Louisiana Surf Fishing Team!

153 Buckets Of Trout, Snapper, Ribbon Fish & A Blue Eyed Robin!

152 Big Variety Of Fish Species Sunday

151 Louisiana Surf Fishing Big Speckled Trout Photos

150 Crabs, Trout, Redfish, Corn, Potatoes & Sausage

149 Tarpon Rodeo Saturday’s Mixed Surf Fish Catch

148 77 Speckled Trout! 25 Nice Keepers!

147 Fishing The Remaining 2 Mile PUBLIC Beach!

146 46 Specs, Sand Trout, Bluefish, and Sharks

145 7 Miles Of Public Beach Access Blocked

144 Unofficial State Record Fish We Caught Photos!

143 Trout, Jackfish, Sea Beans, & Light Sticks

142 Catfish, Trout, Redfish, BlueFish, Whiting

141 Holly Beach "RangaTang" Submitted Fish Photos!

140 Port Fourchon Public Beach Land Grab Update

139 Speckled Trout and High Winds Fathers Day Weekend!

138 Speckled Trout and Dunes of Seaweed

137 June Speckled Trout, White Trout, Bluefish and Grandpa Gator

136 Speckled Trout, Shark, Whiting, Spanish Macs, & Mule

135 46 Speckled Trout, 2 White Trout and 1 Spanish Mac

134 Speckled Trout, Bluefish, & Whiting at the Oyster Bar

133 Texas Pier, Bay and Surf Fishing Photos

132 West Coast Midshipman, Cuda and Sheepshead

131 Speckled Trout Are At The Beach In April!

130 Sharks, Whiting, and Paddling On The Bayou

129 Catfish, Pelicans, Castnet Shot and a Shark

128 Surf Conditions & Easter Sunday Sightings

127 Over 1000 Pounds Of Redfish Caught From The Beach!

126 Steelhead Salmon Fishing In Oregon, and Elk Photo!

125 Dog & Dudley Hooked Up At Johnson Bayou

124 Jeff Volpi and His Econo-Surf Boots

123 Darryl "Dog", Ted, and Rusty Get 4 Big Reds

122 Texas Surf Fishing Bull Shark Photos

121 Fly Fishing Mike & Redfish On Crab

120 Red Chile Peppers, Coke Can, and Gatorland

119 Daryll "Dog" at Johnson Bayou Beach, La.

118 One Big Redfish & One Big Crab

117 Land Company Access Problems at the Beach

116 Mardi Gras Redfish & Mystery Mammal?

115 Big Redfish, Baby Seaturtle, & Roswell Visitor

114 Teds Bull Redfish and Dogs Rod and Reel

113 Redfish at Dirty Pelican Pier, High Island, Texas

112 Shark, Remora, Catfish Invasion, and Bycatch

111 Three Big Port Fourchon Drag Screamers

110 Indiana Chinook & British Columbia Jackfish

109 Surf Redfish & Stuck Nissan Truck Updates!

108 Louisiana Fishing Team X-mas Fishing Photos

107 More Denham Springs Fishing Team Photos

106 Mayor Johnny Herrington & Family at Cocodrie, La.

105 Port Fourchon Surf Fishing Photos

104 Louisiana Fishing Public Beach Redfish

103 Brazil Beach Tarpon and a Manatee (Sea Cow)

102 Mr. Bobby Foremans Surf Redfish

101 Mr. Steven Breard’s Fourchon Bullred

100 Big December Redfish At The Beach!

99 Fishing Friends At The Beach Photos

98 Brazil / Brasil, South America Big Beautiful Fish

97 Errington Family Fun At Fourchon Public Beach

96 Big Redfish & Monster Redfish

95 Monster Drum, Redfish and Alien Jellyfish

94 3 Big Bullreds and a Huge Black Drum

93 Texas Surf , Pier and Mystery Beach Fish?

92 How To Make a Over 28 inch Bullred a 5 Limit Fish

91 Sheepshead, Redfish, Kids & Beach Fun

90 Redfish Are Showing Up Again

89 Catfish Camp & Jumbo Shrimp

88 Freeport Texas Beach Surf Fishing

87 6 Lb. Peacock Bass Caught by Mr. Andrew Leitner

86 Bassmaster Tournament in Louisiana Today

85 144 Year Old Sailboat Became Fishing Powerboat in 1902!

84 Surf Fishing Conditions Beach Photos

83 Shark Beach After Hurricane "Georges"

82 Sharks & Sting Ray / Beach Erosion

81 Red Sea Fishing Photos From Egypt

80 NMFS Redfish Tag & Reward Photos

79 Message In Bottle from Sailboat Race

78 Fish Police Encounter #4 With Photo!

77 Six Species in the Surf Saturday

76 Redfish Before and After!

75 Two Surprizes: Big Red / Little Boat

74 71 Trout & 2 Mackerel in Louisianas Free Stocked Pond

73 South Africa East Coast Fishing / Diamond Ray

72 Fishing Photo Test Page #3

71 Speckled Trout Weekend at the Beach

70 Offshore: King Mackerel, Dolphin, Lemon Fish and Snapper

69 Offshore Charter Fishing: Tuna, Wahoo, & Snapper

68 Fourchon Beach Crabs & Shrimp

67 Fourchon Beach Fish Photos

66 Tarpon Rodeo Redfish & Bullred Autopsy

65 Recreational Fishing Enforcement / The Fish Police

64 Louise Fishing & The Bait / TheBag…….

63 Darryl & Teds Big Lake Adventure

62 Stocked Pond & Free Jigsaw Puzzles

61 Summertime Blues & 34 Speckled Trout

60 Crewcab Submarine

59 Bess Pope and Mr Red Chambers With Fish

58 Mr. Gene Eaker and a Midshipman

57 If Surf Fishing is slow,look for Sunken Treasure!

56 "Dog" Hooked Up At Gulf Breeze Beach

55 Fishing Friends & ID "Tope & Blacktip Sharks"

54 Pogy Boat Photo’s

53 Shark, Sailcat, Flounder and Boiled Seafood

52 Louisiana Crabs, "Lets Go Crabbing"

51 "Bycatch"

50 Fishing In Australia, Three Big Oz Fish

49 Trophy Oscar Fly Fishing, & N. Carolina Rainbows

48 Stripped Bass, Flounder, Shrimp & Beached Boats

47 Atlantic "Stingless Ray" & Gafftop Sailcat

46 Padre Island National Seashore Surf Fish

45 Trout, Black drum, Atlantic Stingray, Sand Fences

44 Kyle Gene Tauberts Big Texas Redfish!

43 A Redfish and a Blacktip Shark

42 New Jersey Bluefish!

41 Wild Roseate Spoonbills (Pink Marsh Birds)

40 Louis Bienvenu Sr., Trout, & Shark

39 Louis Bienvenu Jr. & His Trophy Surf Fish!

38 Vincent "rookie" Simmons, & Uncle "Doc"

37 USL Oceanography Class at Fourchon Beach!

36 Five Big Reds at Fourchon Public Beach

35 Big Drum, Sunken Truck, Mark, & Catfish Livewell

34 Signs Of Grand Isle

33 Boat Stuff, 28" Redfish, and Rich & Cindy

32 Mardi Gras Redfish / Blacktip Sharks

31 Mr. John Bridges / Mr. Alan Charlton – Cod

30 Thunder Bay / Coastal Erosion

29 Fur Coats / Export

28 Me & My Fishing Partner

27 Darla & Kevin Surf Fishing

26 Pauls 41 Pound Muskie

25 Redfish Message and Birds

24 Jimmy, Ray and Fourchon Beach Fish

23 Vincent "rookie" Simmons

22 Three Happy Anglers & Unhappy Boater

21 Spotted Redfish / Secret Mullet Spot

20 Henry, Steve, and Bobby With Fish

19 Diaz Family Fishing

18 Four Drag Screamers

17 Tony & Time For Waders

16 Screaming Drag Excitement

15 Four Bull Redfish and a Goldfish

14 Big Redfish & Longest Street In The World

13 Black & Red Drum / Mark & Terry

12 Redfish, Drum, and Blacktip Shark

11 Louisiana Surf Redfish

10 Beach Shrimp With Cast Net

9 Redfish & Blacktip Shark

8 Dave and His Kids with Fish

7 Flounder In The River

6 Mr. Bill & Bess Pope

5 Stuffed Trout & White Trout (sand trout)

4 Blacktip Shark & Tope Shark!

3 Louisiana Surf Fishing Team & Message In A Bottle!

2 Girls Catch Sharks Fishing At The Beach

1 Jackfish & Speckled Trout Surf Fishing