How To Filet Trout, No Skin or Bones!

How To Filet Trout or Other Fish!

Trout and other game fish are easy to filet, you end up with clean all fish filets with no skin, scales or bones!

I do this with any type steak knife! Cut down and in at the shoulder and front fin down to the backbone, and just turn the blade flat and follow it out to the tail, stopping at the point shown just before the tail in the above image!

Simply flip the filet above still connected to the tail over to the right, and keeping the knife flat, keep cutting next to the skin with the blade flat out to the end.

Here the filet is completely seperated from the fish, and the skin! Forget scaling fish, they are still on the skin you have cut the filet from!

Now cut the curved rib bones piece away from your all fish filets! You cut 3 simple cuts on each side of the fish! Thats It!!

A bag of beautiful Speckled Trout filets!

Delicious speckled trout filets are sprinkled with season all or any seasoning of your choice, then fried in a 50/50 mixed batter of Zatarains fish fry with lemon, and Tempura batter mix!