Our seventh Louisiana Cache today, by XS650 motorcyle in the Bonne Carre Spillway, another great place.

Louisiana GPS Geocache: “Spillway RR” 8-26-01

We (me and Bobby Jr) placed our seventh Louisiana Cache today, by XS650 motorcyle and in another interesting place in the Bonne Carre Spillway we discovered when scouting out for the first cache we placed in this area. The area is used as a dumping ground in the front approach area to the cache as you follow the railroad bridge road in, and then looks nicer, deeper in the woods with an isolated pond that had several bass fishermen in boats in it.

This Cache is now gone:

This cache has the following items in it:

A Geocache Description Note

A Camera

A Logbook and Pens

A Pocket Multi-Tool and Holster

Fresh AA Batteries

A Skateboard Toy

A Small Puzzle Ball

Pokemon Cards

A Fishing Lure

Cache Contents Above!

Todays cache container (above) is a wide mouth insulated Coleman container seen on the back of the motorcycle above, cars and trucks can also access this road.

The Cache Location Is:

030° 01.790 N

090° 25.984 W

You can walk to this cache, harm nothing and pick it up with your bare hands!

The GPS stash is on a small hill and it will not float away in the event of flooding. Watch out for snakes, even though we saw none, check / lift the cache cover with a big stick. It is not in the Raccoon holes!!

If in any year, the Mississippi river flood stage is so high as to endanger topping or breaking the river water containing levee system, these floodgate rows of long railroad tie type heavy wooden pins are raised one at a time by two small tractor trains that cross the length of this wide emergency outlet. It lets the Mississippi river flood water be diverted to Lake Pontchartrain, and then on to the Gulf of Mexico bypassing the city of New Orleans. I have seen this happen twice in 40+ years.

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We found and logged “Sugar Mill” North of Lake Pontchartrain July 7, 2001.

We found and logged “Red Beans and Rice” by bicycle! 7-13-01.