State Park Erosion Update, Saturday, 2 Dollars Still Buys Plenty Fun!

State Park Fishing Pier, Grand Isle, La.

I took the island area view images below from the public observation tower at the top of the spiral staircase in the above image. If you have a handheld GPS unit, and would like to know the exact distance to the park in miles from any location, or a late model car or rental car with onboard navigation features the Latitude or Longitude waypoint for the state park tower above is:

029 degrees – 15 minutes – 66 seconds – North Latitude

089 degrees – 57 minutes – 10 seconds – West Longitude

Altitude is 35 ft at the top deck of the tower on my handheld Magellan 315 GPS unit.

Rock breakwater jetties that parallel the beach in the above photo are recent additions to help stop the severe coastal erosion problem at the State Park. From this point in the tower you are looking south, if you turn 90 degrees to your left (east) you will see Barataria Pass and the old fort in the image below.

Old Fort Livingston on the eroded east shore of Barataria Pass, is located partially in the Gulf of Mexico now. If you turn to your left another 90 degrees, you will be facing north, and the fish cleaning station on the small state park property bay below.

This fish cleaning station is a local secret, there are short hoses and running water at each cleaning area on each side of the pier under the metal roof on the pier in the above image. The far end of it is a great place to crab, or to throw a cast net for assorted live bait: pogys. pin fish, croakers, mullet etc. Midway on each side where the fish bones and remains fall into the water for the blue crabs dinner, is a great place to throw a cast net on each side right around the fish remains on the bottom, many shrimp come in and hang out there to eat the old fish.

There is also a fish cleaning station at the end of the big fishing pier in the above image too!

The “business end” of the magnificent state park fishing pier!

Yes, thats lights on the pier! This is the view down the badly eroded park beach toward the overnight camping area where the tree line ends in the above photo! There used to be sand almost to the end of this pier all the way down the beach to the horizon, that had tables and beach area cars and motor homes could drive out and park near the water on. It is all gone and only water there now, check out the link below for images of that area.

State Park map and overnight camping area images: Click Here!

Just past the litter barrel on the left in the above photo, are a couple of convienent open air showers for those wishing to lose some sand as they walk back on the pier from the exit off the fishing pier down to the beach. There are refreshments and restroom facilities with private showers in both the building’s above at the start of the pier. Find beautiful campgrounds at all state parks.

The small remaining beach area is about 1% of what was there in 1996, it is all gone.