White Alligators and Shrimp!

White Alligator!

Roadside Surprises!

We were going to surf fish the beach at Port Fourchon, La. Saturday and we stopped just off the roadside in a couple places to cast net for mullet to use as bait and got a few surprises! Besides gators, I saw 3 Cormorants (birds that dive underwater and swim along looking for food then resurface a short distance away) working an area close to highway La-1. Just like watching the birds diving on bait along the seashore, the Cormorants were diving and eating shrimp from the bottom of the ditches in several places on the East side of the road! We started to catch white shrimp, so we stayed there! The surf conditions were bad for the last few weeks, and storms moved some beach sand around but vehicle beach driving access is still OK! We did make it to the beach late and fished for an hour and a half and got skunked, saw some regulars from Denham Springs who fished from overnight until after noon and they caught nothing, not even a hardhead in the muddy shallow water, so we left with our youth baseball bats, shrimp and white alligator surprise photos to go prepare our feast!

Come Catch Some!

Fish Forever, Bob & Bobby!!!

Forgot the big castnet and we used this $14.00 one that was on sale at Academy!

Some small and delicious fresh white shrimp! Click On The Shrimp!

A Good Luck sign for our first new century fishing trip! A White Alligator!!

Taste the same as Barbecue Yellowtail Gator! Just Kidding!