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Madisonville, La. Annual Wood Boat Show Page 2

The entrance to the Kids Boat Show, in the childrens village, at the end of the south midway. Kids tell volunteer veteran boat builders in the St. Tammany Woodworkers Guild how to build there own miniature boats as they pass around 4 long tables at different assembly stations. Its great of these guys and gals to contribute their time!

This is a great free feature, with several donation jars along the way for parents that wish to contribute. All the wood and materials is provided free by the Abita Lumber Company.

Kids having fun, (at the back tables) selecting the hull design and outriggers, deck fitments, and other wood bits to build exactly what they choose to build for themselves!

Anticipating the next table where assembly begins!

Captain Bobby and other kids telling the shipwrights how to build their yachts!

The station where the sail lady fits up the sails and banners the color they selected!

Last stop, this man drills the deck for the flag location and installation!

A visit to the test tank

Sail! Ho! A successful captain with his own designed vessel!! Courtesy of some great folks!

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