Pendulum Casting From The Beach

Tighten up the drag while casting, then back it off after the cast. I use 65 pound test Power Pro Braided line while casting, then it is tied to go through the rod guides to 30 pound monofiliament. The reel is filled with 30 pound monofilament. You need 65 pound test while you are casting with a 6oz Spider Sinker and a Chunk of Mullet to prevent the line from breaking while casting. I swing the rod forward and backward to swing the bait out, and then come back in and cast! It loads up the rod nicely when you make the cast. The rod is an 18ft Ugly Stick, I have two of them and put both rods out when fishing. They cost$99.00 dollars each at Academy Sporting Goods. (You may need to find an Academy near a coastline to find the rod). I get the reels from Walmart. (See Below)They have good drags and they work great for years!

Look for the sinker and bait swinging forward and back, then watch the rod bend as it loads up when I am casting it out.

YouTube Link: Click On 480P.

The Reel is a Shakespeare 7000 Patinum Series. $39.00 at Wal Mart. (may need to find it at a Walmart near the coast.)

I wrap my finger with a piece of duct tape as shown in the image above. It keeps the line from cutting the end of your finger while casting.

This is the leaders that I make. It has a 6oz Spider Sinker on one end, then the 8.0 hook and the the swivel on the other end.

It is 135 pound test mono covered wire, because we get Sharks and everything else in the Gulf Of Mexico.

It has three #A9 crimped on ends. The one in the middle is to keep the hook from going up the leader. It is straight and all hangs in one line to make longer cast. You are so far out that a “Breakoff” and any other type of moveable leader is going to be on the bottom anyway, and it has less drag going through the air! They work great! The Spider sinker keeps the line where it lands, you have to really pull it loose when reeling it in to put on a fresh piece of Mullet.

This was filmed at Elmers Island, it is across the Caminada Pass, Directly West of Grand Isle. It is the last place that you can fish from the beach and drive on it! All you need to access it is a Fishing License!!

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This is a stiff rod loaded up!! ————————– 2 Poles On The Beach