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If you fish and would like to catch double the bait fish (species vary), some shrimp and get a good workout at the same time, all you have to do is add 2-4 pounds of lead to the lead line on your net! You will be throwing 8 – 10 pounds of lead on every cast but the net sinks so fast, it now gets dozens of fish that would outswim the standard net.

Split Lead Weight Photo Before Smashing

The round smashed lead weights in the above photo have been added around the entire circumference on the lead line! They have a split cut in the middle and you just put them where you want and hit them with a hammer! Add 4 at the compass points, and then 4 more between those points, you just added 2 pounds! Big difference! It is that easy! And if you don’t have the weights lying around your garden sheds, I buy these by the pound, you can get 2 oz or 4 oz weights at Alarios Marine Hardware in Westwego, La. 504-341-1843 fax 504-347-8339

The 6 foot standard net with 4 pounds added is shown at the left! I buy my nets at the same hardware store as the lead!

Buy a net that held straight up with the thimble in your hand the lead line should be just off the ground! This is the ideal length to make plenty efficient throws! If it it is longer it will be more work to move with, and be hard to empty! You will spend too much time with tangles! Practice and get used to the light net first!!!

Cast Net 3 Photo Series: Click Here!

10 yr old throws a cast net in the movie clip below:

Thirty six years ago I regularly rode my Stingray bicycle from our home on Metairie Court, out Bonnabel Blvd. and past the old Indian Mounds on the southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain to fish. One steamy summer day I was awe struck watching a man catching dozens of fish with a “castnet” in Lake Pontchartrain! That was it, I had to have one! My castnet quest was also my first solo public bus trip to downtown New Orleans. My destination was in the French Quarter, I ended up on the bank of the Mississippi River at a fasinating hardware store called “Lanassa’s Hardware”(long gone). They had it all: netmaking twine, shuttles, thimbles, hand knitted cotton nets and more! I had visions of buckets of fish, and I got them! I still have a hand knitted cotton net. Cotton nets were replaced by nylon and monofilament nets, both better and have their own advantages. That summer day in 1964 I bought the book “Popular Netcraft” by the Netcraft Company, also out of business. My book says: 7th printing….1948! The pages are yellow with some black and dark yellow spots.

Shrimp Caught By Castnet: January