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XS 650 stock CV carbs

XS 650 Stock CV Carbs Top carb is an early XS 650 36 mm CV carb. It has a raised port floor right at the venturi and flows nearly the same as the bottom 34 mm emissions carb. Second carb has a 36 mm bore all the way through, best stock carb for some performance … Continue reading

Sunken Treasure, Fort Jackson, La., Treasure Hunting, buried treasure, GPS

Louisiana GPS Geocache 7-15-01Fort JacksonThis is not located inside Fort Jackson!You can walk to this site, harm nothing and pick it up with your bare hands.UPDATE! August 03, 2002Cache Camera #1 Images Online Below!This GPS cache the following items:A log book to sign2 ink pens / 2 pencilsa camera for the finders photosan introductory GPS … Continue reading advertising / banner ad pricing, e-commerce web hosting Powerful Adverti$ing for one dollar a day! We add fresh exclusive information weekly: web pages and quality images, so we have many new and regular visitors. We cover many diverse topics with something for everyone, adults and kids alike! We are listed in all the major search engines with several premimum listings in Yahoo. … Continue reading

Amen Savior Softail Motorcycle Frame By: American Motorcycle Engineering

Amen Savior Softail Frame By: American Motorcycle ENgineering = “AMEN” Original Custom Parts Ad from the 1970’s above. My AMEN Softail Frame XS 650 Twin “Ball Bearing Motor” It has an extra backbone frame tube tied into the steering head. Return To: Project XS 2000 XS 650 Yamaha Message Board: Click Here! XS 650 Yamaha … Continue reading

Louisiana Fishing Licenses

Louisiana Fishing Licenses 15 years of Louisiana fishing licenses up to 1999. The old stlye printed cards folded with places to add optional use fee tags, they also had a perforated edge you could remove and save that had your LDWF license number on it for a back up. New higher priced Louisiana fishing license … Continue reading

Katrina Damage Images

Katrina Damage Images: Clothes still hanging in the purple closet. Popular restaurant on Pass Chef Menteur. The house was here, now it is back in the marsh.

Oil Spill May 2010

The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill: We are totally disgusted with BP Oil Co. They have ruined the Gulf Of Mexico for fishing from the beach. This is where we fish regularly since 1998, Elmers Island, Port Fourchon Public Beach, and Grand Isle. They ruined it. Our Fishing Freedom is gone! E-Mail Me What We … Continue reading

1980 SG Yamaha XS 650 Twin Cylinder Motorcycle

XS 650 1980 SG Just got this 80 for a buck and a half! Needs a charging system rotor, ring to ring is less than one ohm. Has electronic ignition, love it, starts and runs on one kick, idles crisp and instant response. Primary cover has a brake pedal crunch crack from a fallover, tank … Continue reading

Vintage Cycle Days and Races, Classic Bikes, XS Yamaha’s

Ken Ravell’s Mid Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days 2000 Images: Page 3 of 5 More Mid Ohio VMD Images: Click Here! Return To: Ken Ravels XS 650 Web Site

We (me and Bobby Jr) placed our sixth Louisiana Cache today with the beautiful female company of Siona and Kathy. A writer and photographer for the New Orleans Times Picayune newspaper

Louisiana GPS Geocache: “Spillway TP” 8-23-01 We (me and Bobby Jr) placed our sixth Louisiana Cache today, and we met a writer and a photographer for the New Orleans Times Picayune newspaper that were getting information about GPS Geocaches for an article in the Living Section of the newspaper! This cache has the following items … Continue reading