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Louisiana GPS Geocache 7-15-01Fort JacksonThis is not located inside Fort Jackson!You can walk to this site, harm nothing and pick it up with your bare hands.UPDATE! August 03, 2002Cache Camera #1 Images Online Below!This GPS cache the following items:A log book to sign2 ink pens / 2 pencilsa camera for the finders photosan introductory GPS cache lettera hot wheels toyabout 8 Pokemon cardsa wood bolstered swiss army knife3 fishing luresThe Container Location Is:N 029 21.544W 089 27.090Fort Jackson, La. is located north of Venice, La. trouw fotografie . on the west bank of the Mississippi River.A model of the extensive fort inside one of the air conditioned museum areas.We swapped out cameras on Saturday 8-03-02 :Visit Louisiana Cache #1: The search for: “Wilson”Visit Louisiana Cache #2: The search for: “Pearl”