Fishing For Yellowfin Tuna Out of Venice

Fishing For Yellowfin Tuna If you haven’t yet caught a yellowfin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico, its something you don’t want to miss. You can always book a charter and go fishing for Yellowfin from  Venice, Louisiana. Venice LA, provides some of Louisiana’s best fishing and is the world’s leading destination for deep sea fishing. It has been named as the best fishing spot for deep sea fishing in the United States and continues to attract tourists year after year. Venice LA is a great choice because it can easily be accessed from New Orleans and with the surplus of offshore fishing charters offers you have many boats to choose from.  It is not just Yellowfin tuna that you will catch in the Gulf – the waters are also teeming with red snapper, mangrove snappers, grouper, redfish, amber jack, cobia, king mackerel, shark and many other different types of fish. Choose Your Boat For Yellowfin Tuna The type and size of boat that you hire is entirely up to you. Captain Troy with Louisiana Offshore Fishing Charters offers multiple boats for your next fishing trip.  Unlike many other fishing spots in the United States that are seasonal, Yellowfin tuna is available throughout the year. This fish tends to grow to be extremely large – fish that weigh up to 300 pounds are not unheard of, but on a normal day in Venice, Louisiana you can expect to catch Yellowfin that weighs an average of 60 pounds. When you are chartering a boat make sure to let the company know if you have any special requests – most are happy to cater. If, for example, you will be bringing children on the boat you can ask them to provide appropriate gear for them. Fishing Out of Venice LA For Yellowfin The reason why so many people come to Venice LA with the hope of catching Yellowfin Tuna is because they are a challenging fish – other than being big they are also very strong and it takes quite a bit to reel one in. They are usually found in large numbers feeding close to the surface and the further you go into the water the bigger the fish you can expect to catch. If you want to catch really big ones you should go in the winter and fall months – feeding conditions at this time allow fish to become bigger than usual. Best Times To Fish The best time to go out on the water for Yellowfin Tuna is in the evening just as the sun is going down. Fish are most active between this time and midnight, and you will find them in large numbers near the oil rigs. They like these spots because they are attracted by the light. The process of fishing itself is easy and whether you are an experienced angler or are new to fishing you can expect to have a rewarding time. You will need to bring your own fishing rod, but if …

Louisiana fishing

Louisiana Fishing vs Everywhere Else

Charter Fishing Across The US There are some really neat places to catch fish across the US.  Salmon fishing charters are most often booked in the Northern Western Hemisphere, including in the states of Washington, Alaska, Montana and throughout Canada. Trout comes in many species (Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat, etc.). They are found in Wyoming, Maryland, British Columbia. Walleye, Pike, Rock Bass, Blue Gil, White Sturgeon, Crappie and Catfish are more examples of the freshwater fish you can specifically fish for.  While you’re there, the family can have fun onshore seeing the sites, shopping or camping in a more relaxed environment.   But at the end of the day…if you want to do some REAL FISHING…Come to Louisiana! Use a Fishing Guide If you are looking for the fishing trip of a lifetime, we recommend using a professional fishing guide.  They not only the terrain and waterways, but the best fishing spots and places to eat. Charter fishing can be an exciting vacation for the whole family or that private, personal excursion you need to get some well-earned “me time” and some pro-tips to boot! Saltwater Fishing Charters Not up to freshwater? How about some prime saltwater or brackish in the deep south of Louisiana, with some of the highest ranking fishing charters in the United States, including St. Bernard, Venice, Chauvin and Grand Isle? “A broad expanse of the famed coastal marshes as well as dozens of saltwater bays and estuaries attract everything from Black Drum and Sheepshead to armies of Flounder, Tripletail and Croakers,” says “But to thousands of light tackle and fly enthusiasts alike, sight casting for Bull Redfish and topwater fishing for Speckled Sea Trout remain two of the most sought-after inshore objectives along the Pelican State’s barrier islands. For deep water fishing, you will want to catch the mighty yellowfin tuna.  Add to that the unrivaled wildlife variety patrolling the lower Mississippi Delta or hiding among the oak and cypress trees, including dolphins, gators and pelicans!” Who knew charter fishing had so much to offer? Sightseeing, learning, friendly competition and a day on the water, a unique fishing opportunity and some insights that may give that edge for your next fishing rodeo! Best of all, who doesn’t love fresh fish cooked outdoors? There is nothing quite like it. Catching Giant Yelowfin Tuna and Swordfish in Louisiana Fishing From Shore Angling with just the basics, you can fish from a canoe in freshwater rivers, lakes or ponds, and even in saltwater backcountry estuaries. According to you can also shore fish from the shore of a river, lake or coastline and even paddle-board fish! Fishing nets have been used widely in the past, including by stone age societies, says Wikipedia. Tools of the Trade Monofilament line, less expensive than other lines and stretches to absorb shocks. Braid line is heavier, casts farther and lasts longer. Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is often used as leader material. It’s completely invisible underwater and very abrasion resistant, making it the perfect complement …

Tchefuncte river fishing

Fishing the Tchefuncte River

Catching Fish in the Tchefuncte By: Peter Egan The Tchefuncte River is located in Washington and St. Tammany Parishes in southeastern Louisiana. The Tchefuncte becomes a respectable river, viable for fishing, boating, skiing, wakeboarding (and other aquatic recreation) at an area known as Three Rivers, where the Little Tchefuncte is joined by the Bogue Falaya River and the Abita River, forming one much larger river known as the Tchefuncte. This larger river where the three smaller ones culminate will be the central focus of this article. Bass Fishing By far the most commonly pursued species of fish in the Tchefuncte are Largemouth Bass. Fishing for bass in the Tchefuncte is challenging to say the least. The entire bank on both sides of the river north of Madisonville (near the river’s mouth) is lined with what would be considered prime bass habitat were there not so much of it. Fallen trees, lily pads, docks, other aquatic and man-made debris line the shire for miles and for the majority of the river. The same can be said for the private bayous, lagoons and canals that are attached to the river. Finally, on days when the weather is pleasant, the water becomes so muddy from boat traffic that fishing is pretty much impossible after about noon on a Saturday through the following Monday. If you don’t have a bass boat or a flatboat with a trolling motor, you’re wasting your time fishing for bass. A trolling motor is an absolute necessity for fishing the Tchefuncte because of the river’s layout. You’ll need to cover as much ground as possible and hope you can hit on a few spots. Top baits used to catch bass in the Tchefuncte either make noise and/or chop up the water (spinnerbaits and buzzbaits), or are weedless in design, usually soft plastics. This larger group can include artificial worms (Tequila Sunrise and Fire n Ice are my personal favorites), weedless topwater frogs (for the lily pads), lizards, etc. If you’re going to cast towards the shorelines and all of the accompanying brush, and it’s important to you that you hit the perfect spot, go with something weedless or you’ll be losing a lot of lures to the trees. If you’re willing to fish along shorelines, spinnerbaits are typically a safe and effective bet. Buzzbaits are used in much the same way, only where lily pads are present or at dawn when the fish must rely more on sound and feel than sight. In my opinion, bass fishing in the Tchefuncte is unnecessarily difficult by design, so I tend to target other species more often than not. Catfish Unlike fishing for bass, the Tchefuncte still holds a sizeable number of catfish. While numbers of fish species appear to have been in a state of decline since the population of St. Tammany Parish seemingly tripled following Hurricane Katrina, the catfish in the river seem to be the least impacted by the added fishing pressure. One of the things I like about …

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Video of Catching Redfish out of Venice LA

Pretty cool video on catching Redfish out of Venice LA. Louisiana is known for fishing.  One of the most popular fish to catch in Louisiana is redfish. Whether you are fishing in Lake Pontchartrain or out in the Gulf of Mexico – redfish are fun to catch and awesome to eat. Here is a quick video of catching not only redfish, but other trophy fish in Louisiana.   Want to send us your fishing story? We would love to post it! Click Here to send us your latest fishing story — but it must be out of Louisiana~