GPS Geocaching Louisiana, Pearl, the second La, cache. Treasure Hunt, GPS Global Positioning System satellite

The Second Louisiana GPS Geocache:

The Search For: Pearl II

By: Bob and Bobby Bertaut

The first Louisiana Cache “Wilson” has been updated July 2002: Click Here!

You can drive a car or take a Gulf of Mexico boat ride to this site and walk over some sand dunes. The Gulf of Mexico at the Louisiana coast above.

Louisiana has in it’s refurbished second GPS cache the following items:

A logbook to sign


Pokemon Cards

6 glow in the dark aliens

3 fishing lures

I have 13ft accuracy on the WAAS enabled (bird#34) Etrex Venture on the left above, and the exact same 13 ft reading on the standard Etrex on the right.

You can dig this up with no tools, it is in soft sand now! There is a marker “Light” at the exact spot.

Sea level varied, but the waypoints logged the exact same on both units.

Tip: At the waypoint area, a hundred yards from the Gulf of Mexico, it is buried shallow in sand and can be reached with no digging tools.

The Location Is:

N 29° 05.387

W 090° 12.964

Please visit

Visit Louisiana GPS Cache #1: The search for: “Wilson”

By: Bob and Bobby Bertaut