How To Get To Port Fourchon Public Beach! directions, photos and map to:Port Fourchon, Louisiana Public Beach,Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation AreaJust two hours scenic drive due south of New Orleans Louisiana is the Sportsmans Paradise only remaining free public beach area that has “drive on the beach” vehicle access that is within a few hours drive of downtown New Orleans. You can access Hwy 90 via Interstate 10 from all points to the new Interstate 310 south which crosses the Mississippi River on a magnificent suspension bridge. The sign below is on Hwy 90 west just beyond the bridge over Bayou Des Allemands where you enter Lafourche Parish! A few yards to the north, the legendary Old Spanish Trail and the Southern Pacific Railway follow the current roadway.You exit Hwy 90 at the Hwy 308 exit or the Hwy La-1 exit at Bayou LaFourche! The bayou is main street, it flows south past many towns rich with history and friendy people with varied colorful accents. Hwy 308 follows the east side, and Hwy La-1 follows the west side down the scenic bayou.Once you pass Leeville, (red star on map above) as you continue driving south past the Leeville water tower the only visable inhabitants across the grassy tidal marshlands are flocks of graceful Pelicans, with Herons and Egrets fishing along the roadsides. If you are lucky, you will see one of several small colonies of bright pink colored birds with a dark red spot, Roseate Spoonbills that also inhabit this area.The next major caution light is your destination about 5 miles further at the intersection of Hwy 3090 (30/90 is the nearby major latitude & longitude waypoint, Hwy 3090 is also named A.O.Rappallet Road), there is an elevated Kajun grocery store and gas stop on the corner to the right, this road joins LA-1 from the south side only. Drive 3.1 miles and to your left will be the beautiful public boat launch facility thoughtfully provided by the Greater LaFourche Port Commission with restrooms and a nice handicap access fishing pier that follows a deep tidal bend in the adjacent bayou.Continue south past the public boat launch facility 50 yards and you come to the old Leeville swing bridge that was moved here to be used for beach vehicle access. You can still see its riveted ancestry in its recently renovated trusses and roadway. It rarely opens but if it does you are trapped on the seaward side until it squeaks loudly back into position again. Please have patience, especially if you somehow end up with public funded sand filled private property on the tidal swamp east side of this public roadway.Once across the bridge, follow the blacktop roadway a few hundred feet to this palm tree landscaped oasis (photo below) where you must take a right for exactly 300 ft across the old original Bayou Lafourche right of way to the excellent brand new vehicle back access road to the beach. The beach ends two miles to the west at the rock jetty at Belle Pass where Bayou LaFourche now enters the Gulf of Mexico through the modern and ever expanding Port Fourchon seafood and industrial facility. Note the arrow direction on the sign on the white fence below that says: “BEACH”.At the center left of the white fence in the below photo you can see stout pilings in the distance that are now installed on both sides of the public access roadway we used for over a dozen years to get to the beach in the east and west directions. The pilings were installed by the Caillouet Land Company and block the public beach access road in both directions now. We used to drive and fish/swim/camp the excellent seven miles of public beach to the east that ends at Bayou Thunder at the LaFourche/Jefferson parish line at Elmers Island. The Caillouet Land Company intentionally blocked this so be sure to turn right at the palm trees or you will be in a piling lined dead end. Many, many motorhomes, campers and vehicles with boats and trailers have trouble turning around in this intentional trap at the coast. barbecue . Perhaps pilings should also block the road at the white fence to prevent this since it is unfair to direct visitors down the original main public roadway to a piling blocked dead end where you may now be accused of trespassing. This is ridiculous. No one will say why this has happened, (greed-my opinion) so be sure to avoid the dangerous dead end and turn right at the white fence in the photo below!When you see the sign below turn left to the beach and drive across the public funded sand filled high ground recreational area you can camp on free, with several vehicle access points that lead down to the beach behind the 12 rock filled breakwater sunken barges just off the coast that aid this spot in coastal erosion protection.The Greater LaFourche Port Commission provided this outstanding detailed map of Port Fourchon from the Kajun Sportsman grocery store at highway La-1 all the way to the beach! To view or print it: Click Here!Please bring litter bags and use them! The beach has free vehicle access and has no beach permit or state/federal funded maintenance crew or trash barrels as in other places! State fishing licenses are required. Insect repellent and sun block are also good ideas. There are soft spots on the back beach areas near the dunes that are also nesting areas for Terns and other migratory birds, unfortunately, storms and shifting tidal sands wipe these areas out naturally, so be sure to watch that you drive on the packed sand because it may be different the next weekend. We keep an inexpensive tow rope, a bucket and a shovel with us to be used to get out if we get stuck in soft sand. This happens, so do not gas it and panic. Take your foot off the gas before you sink it to the frame rails, and use the shovel to dig out the piled up sand around whatever drive wheels got stuck, then use your bucket to wet the sand all around your tires and the path back out! The water makes the sand hard to drive out easily. (buckets of free water available nearby)! You can also let some air out of your tires to give them a wider footprint. The closest air available is at the gas stop at the caution light on La-1. A fifty cent yellow AIR box that needs two quarters. If you see us and need a shovel, rope or bucket just ask!! The fish gods have stocked our private pond (Gulf of Mexico) with a large variety of exciting and tasty game fish! The next beach is in Cancun, but you can drive to ours!Come Catch Some!Fish Forever,Bob Bertaut Sr.