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“These are more Powerful Baits then anything you can get with equipment leasingA Sonar Ball Pings as the Lure is retrieved through the water! The Sonar Ball strikes the Brass body of the Spoon as the Lure Wobbles and Imitates a wounded bait fish!

Sound travels underwater five times greater than in the air!

Letters From Anglers:


Tried out the rangatang lure in the freshwater and it works as great there as in the surf. We caught 9 nice bass in just a short time with 3 of them weighing over 5lbs each. Could have caught more!Hugh Lee – Baton Rouge——————————————

Hey Bob, I recently ordered and received 4 Ranga Tang lures. I have never before seen a spoon like it before, but the concept is awesome, as is the action enticed by this thing! I went to the jetties here at the East Pass in Destin Florida where I slayed scores of blues! I was actually tired of fishing! I can’t believe there is no outlet for your product here. What would I have to do to be an independent dealer of this fantastic product? Thanks for any info and if you’ll excuse me, I’ll exit to the ordering page to order a dozen more. I lost 3 to fish in battle and am down to one!

John Short – Eglin AFB, Florida


My first trip using your lure I caught the largest speck of the day while the others and I were soaking croakers. I decided to throw a few times, a speck that weighed 6.5lbs hit like a freight train. I caught others during the day along with croaker, ladyfish, gafftops, everything seemed to want the “tang”, I can’t wait to use it this fall, and in the surf.

David C. W. – Livingston, Texas


Hey Bob! Went to Lake Amistad outside of Del Rio and used your RangaTangs to catch White Bass by the Ice Chest Load! I was jigging the spoon in 30 to 50 feet of water and sometimes as deep as 100 feet! I believe it increased the hook-up ratio. A good size striper was landed on the boat, next thing I knew we were limited out and headed home.The guides really liked the lure.

Your site looks great, “Gin Man”


Hey Bob, Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely burned the trout up last week on your Ranga-Tang lure. I caught them under the lights in Prien Lake, right off of a warf.

Thanks, Darryl – Lake Charles, La.


Got your lures from Charlie and having good luck with them. I just wanted to let you know that they are great fishing for trout and spanish from the pier on Folly Beach, S.C.!!!!!

Thanks, Surf 1X


I purchased 3 of your lures. Did great with them, everything hit them. Redfish, trout, and flounders!
Only lost 1 lure, to something that was very large.

A. Bell


Check out this RangaTang testimonial from a NCOIF reader and proud RangaTang owner Steve L., who just got back from Nags Head. “First of all, long live the RangaTang! that little critter mopped up on speckled trout in the surf around the 18 mile marker…” Thanks Steve and continued good fishing!!

Dr. Bogus (Richard Ehrenkaufer, Ph.D), NC Onshore & Inshore Fishing, P.O. Box 5225 Emerald Isle, NC 28594


The trout are in Big Lake like gang busters, and the only thing I’ve been able to make em bite have been live shrimp, cocahoes, or the incredible Ranga-Tangs. This lure is simply the best artificial lure I’ve ever used!!!! I went out last sunday and caught 8 trout over 3 pounds, and 1 nice 7 pound redfish on the Ranga-Tang!

Dog – Lake Charles, La.


Hey Bob, I just got a chance to use those Ranga tangs you sent me. Man you were’nt kidding! We caught our limit of Spanish and a few Kings.

THANKS ALOT, KENNETH – Panama City, Florida


Bob, I tried the RangaTang, I caught 4 nice Specs and one Redfish about 4 pounds!

Thanks, Bill Pope – Holly Beach, La.


Hey Bob- Lost the first ranga-tang I tried. This morning I went out with a skipper friend of mine on his 61′ charter boat the “Kono”, he had a half-day charter and he wanted some company besides the tourists and his deckhand. I was up on the bridge the whole time and when we headed into a birdpile I let out the lure. It was direct-tied to a spinning rod w/30# test line – snapped right off by a frisky 30# or so skipjack tuna.

Aloha-Mike Buck – Hawaii


These damn spoons work great Bob! We fished hard in a boat on Baffin Bay today with live shrimp Bass Assassins, etc. I finally tied on your lure and caught two keeper trout over 18 inches in less than ten minutes after having barely any luck before that time. We didn’t catch too many fish, but two of my three were on your lure, thanks for designing a great product!
Take it easy, and thanks,

Kyle Gene Taubert – Texas


Comments: Bob, I tried your Rangatang lure in Lake Barre at Last Isle last Sunday. Rough windy conditions, water fairly muddy. It caught more speckled trout than anything else we tried, live minnows, plastic, & mirro lures.

B. Overall, Lafayette, La.


Hi! Bob!, I got an email from Charlie out in Pensacola. He has family in La., and they turned him on to the Ranga Tangs. He has all kinds of great things to say about them. Charlie calls them a “Meat Lure”. Says they put the fish in the boat reliably every time he uses one.

George Pope, Florida


Bob, The surf is really starting to pick up here. I caught about a 6lb jack and several skipjack. I got a picture (I hope) of the jack, my camera took a squat on me, and we had to use my buddies disposable camera. Have to put in an order for some more RangaTangs, we lost a couple yesterday. These dudes work like a charm!

Kyle – Texas


Solid Brass Spoon! – Bright Chrome Plated!

(My son can not hold up the big fish!)

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