Being able to maintain a consistent routine that includes support group meetings every day or week is crucial for someone’s long-term recovery. 

To reduce the risk of relapse, it is important to stay focused on work and hobbies. There are many benefits to fishing for anyone who is in an addiction treatment center. These benefits include:

1. Exercise

This is my favorite part of fishing. On different pages of my website, I have made it clear that I don’t come from a wealthy family nor do I have any perks or money. A fishing boat is one of those perks. My only option is to fish from the shoreline. This is great because I have to lose weight and get in shape to improve my overall health. 

This is something everyone can use, but it’s especially helpful for those who are in recovery. It can be difficult to feel well after rehab, as you will experience many of the same things that have been numbed for a while. Stretching out and exercising is key to getting through all the pain and aches. There is no better way to exercise than hiking around rivers or lakes. You can also work your arms by casting and reeling in.


2. Outdoors

Outdoors was a place I found myself in when I started my journey to recovery. After being in rehab for the first time, I didn’t want to have to go back inside all day. I didn’t want my outdoor time limited to travel to work. Fishing was a great way to get outside without worrying about whether I might be triggered by any negative emotions.

A majority of people can find water within walking distance of their homes. It is easy to access even if you don’t have or are unable to drive a car. This would also be in line with benefit number 1, which adds to one’s overall fitness.

3. One, two, or more

When you are in a rehabilitation facility with others or attending support groups that have five or more people. You may need some quiet time for yourself at times. But it should be done healthily so you don’t get stuck in your head longing to escape. 

This is the perfect time to grab your tackle bag and fishing pole, then get out on the water. Fishing is a more solo activity than other activities, but it has the advantage of being able to include others if you wish. You can bring a friend, introduce your child, or go out on your own for some quality alone time. Fishing is always an option, no matter when or what you do.

4. Never Ending Consistency

It is important to consider how long the hobby or trade will keep them interested before they become bored. The same applies to trending fads. It will be a while before the next big thing comes along and takes over. 

These concerns are not relevant to fishing. Fishing is a hobby and a sport that is constantly evolving. Every generation improves on the equipment and techniques passed down before they are passed on to the next generation. Even if fishing is no longer a popular hobby, it will never cease to be a viable sport. Fishing as a food source will always be a necessity. Fishing is a valuable and timeless skill that everyone can learn.

5. Very little to no money 

I am a recovering addict and know how much debt can be accumulated from an addiction. It doesn’t matter if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. All the money that someone earned or had during their addiction was under control went to feeding this beast. 

It is unlikely that you will have any spare money once you are in recovery. Fishing is a great hobby that doesn’t cost a lot. There is a good chance that somebody has or will fish, depending on who you ask. If this is true, you might be able to borrow the essentials and not spend any money when you start. 

You can also try fishing before you spend money on something that you don’t like. You can borrow some basic equipment if you don’t have the funds. A beginner’s rod or reel tackle kit can be purchased at Wal-Mart, or Dick’s Sporting Goods, and costs between $20-$40. Although the starter kits may not be of high quality, they can still be useful for starting and getting an idea of whether fishing is something worth your time.


6. Water is not always necessary

Fishing doesn’t require water. Typically, you can only catch fish by fishing in a body or running stream. There is much more to fishing than that. Many fishermen live and breathe fishing, both on and off the water. There are many types of fishing, as well as different types and types of gear used. Before big companies began producing lures, baits, and tackle, there were many options.

To help catch the prize fish, many fishermen made their lures and baits. The same goes for today’s fishermen. You can make your fly fishing flies or melt plastics into molds to create artificial colors. There are many options for fishing, both on and off the water. This will keep you entertained and help improve your game.

7. Opportunity knocks

Everyone wants to be a financial success. Every day, there’s something new and exciting on the market. It could be an upgrade to something that is already in stock or something completely new. This is true in all areas of fishing. Companies have research teams that are constantly looking for new ways to catch bigger and better fish. YouTube is home to many fishing videos. 

These include tips and tricks, product reviews, and much more. Many local tournaments are held by businesses and groups across the United States for amateurs, professionals, or beginners. It is possible to make fishing a hobby but also to earn a living.

8. New Beginnings

This was my greatest hope when I entered recovery. All the things I did during my addiction were wrong, and I just wanted to be better. A large part of that hope was given to me when I started fishing again. I realized that no matter my background or whereabouts, it didn’t matter who I was or what I did. I could meet new anglers and discover new places. 

Once I let go of my fear of being rejected and judged, I felt a tremendous sense of relief when the people I met accepted me as I was. They didn’t even think about what I had done in the past. They didn’t care if I was an addict or had a criminal record. Everything else can be left at home when you’re out fishing with your buddies.

9. One-Size-Fits-All

It’s never too late to start fishing. There is no way to start too early. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 60 years old. It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years old or 60, the best time to get involved in the fun is when you choose to. Your grandfather or father can take you out to teach you, but you don’t have to be. 

If you truly want to do something, then everyone must start somewhere. You are the only one stopping you from starting. Fishing communities are known for being generous and family-friendly. It’s not uncommon to meet other fishermen out on the water, and they will greet you like you are their long-lost sister/brother. Many fishermen are friendly and outgoing. 

They are always willing to share what they know with others. Don’t worry if you don’t know everything you need to catch a big fish. You can always find someone to answer your questions so you can also enjoy the wonderful world of fishing.



You wouldn’t believe that fishing, as simple as it is, could be so helpful to someone who has reached rock bottom. People in recovery mustn’t substitute one addiction for the other. While there are some healthy addictions like exercise, the number of healthy addictions is very small. 

It is important to take things slowly after you have completed rehab or your initial recovery programs. Do not rush to fill the void left by your addiction. You could end up trading one addiction for another. You are strong enough to go through recovery. And you’ll continue to grow stronger each day you stay in recovery. There are many options for those who want it.

It took me a while to find something that I was passionate about. My first choice of the hobby was fishing. I didn’t enjoy it the first year due to my lack of experience and some poor first trips out. I had to wait a while before I finally had a positive experience. But that was it. I have gained so much knowledge and am now “That Guy” my friends and family turn to for help or information to improve their lives.

Let me leave you with my motto at Lifeoholics Anonymous. It is for those who are in recovery and want to get back into fishing. This is a fishing term called “Catch and release” and refers to when a fisherman captures a fish and releases it immediately to allow it to grow or to be caught by another person.