Fun in the Sun on the Gulf of Mexico

There is nothing like a great day out in, or on the water. Sure, lakes and rivers are fun, however, when people think of water, they think of beaches. What a great thing to have – a country with beaches, basically surrounding it. You can swim, and play, on the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Millions of people spend their Summer vacations at the beach doing all kinds of water activities, and Winter vacations, in Southern California, and Florida.

There is another huge body of water that provides year-round fun as well: the Gulf of Mexico. It borders five states, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. The Gulf beaches are much milder than the ocean beaches, providing relaxing waves to play in. On the Gulf, you can build sand castles, body surf, jet ski, windsurf, parasail, fish, and enjoy the abundant wildlife and marine animals too.

Every state that borders the Gulf has its own specialties that draw people to them. Whether it be sandy beaches, gambling, scalloping, Mardi Gras, Cajun food, Manatees, or fishing. Everyone knows it is famous for its food, but Louisiana fishing is some of the best in the world. You can go out on the Gulf with your own boat, or go on a charter boat. However, Louisiana also has some great swamp Bayou fishing too. If you feel like freshwater fishing Bass, White Perch, or Catfish, head to the Bayou.

The next day, you can head out on the Gulf for some Redfish, Red Snapper, Blue Marlin, Grouper, and even Yellowfin Tuna fishing. There is an abundance of different kinds of fish to catch. Afterward enjoy your freshly cooked fish sandwich with a side of crawfish, of course.

There are some things you must be aware of while out boating on the Gulf. You are out enjoying all that nature has to offer, but be aware, this is a lot of marine life out there and some of them are susceptible to injury if precautions aren’t taken. Many of the marine animals suffer from accidental boat strikes, which can maim them for life, or even worse, kill them. Most accidents happen when the animal comes up for air. Huge sea turtles sometimes get hit by propellers, which cuts their shells and cause buoyancy problems. Manatees are constantly hit while feeding on grass. Both dolphins and Manatees are both very boater friendly which increases their risks of injuries. Make sure to keep an eye out for marine life, and slow down when you do see them, to steer clear of them.

The Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful place to be. Some like to just watch dolphins, swim, or go for a sunset cruise. One thing many boaters fail to do is watch the weather before going out. Weather can change very quickly out there. It gets dangerous within minutes. Many a boat and fishermen have been lost to these storms. The rain becomes a huge powerful white wall of water, which makes it impossible to see where you are going. Always prepare for the worst before going out on a boat. Pack life jackets for everyone, flares, whistles, sunscreen, fresh water, and food. You can never be over prepared. If you’re on a Louisiana Gulf charter fishing trip, your captain will know the situation, but always keep an eye on developing storms.

The Gulf can be a great experience for all ages. Get out there and enjoy watching the kids squeal with happiness at the sight of dolphins chasing your boat, or see a sea turtle swim by, and possibly even a manatee. Catch a beautiful sunset, and enjoy the peacefulness surrounding you. Enjoy life, and enjoy fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.