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Should I Hire A Fishing Charter?

Do I need to Hire a Charter Fishing Boat?

There are many good reasons to hire a charter service for your fishing needs, especially if you are planning a fishing trip out of Venice LA – for some of the best fishing in the country. For a long time, charter boats were thought to be expensive and only for the rich, but that really isn’t the case anymore. There are many charter boat companies out of Louisiana that are experienced and affordable and, if you do your research you’ll be off to a great fishing adventure. Here are a few tips to help you better understand the charter boat industry and the services they offer.

Charter Boats Make the Experience All About Fishing

fishing charters

fishing charters

We can all agree that the best reason to go out on a boat is to catch those huge yellowfin tuna both for the adventure and the eating.  When vacationing in a place that you are not familiar with, the angler has to rely on word-of-mouth for the best fishing locations and hotspots. Many of the best spots will require some type of boat.

Hiring a chartered service eliminates many issues of trying to go it on your own – there is nothing to bring, haul, park or rent; a good captain and charter service will already know all the best spots and, as a passenger, you are not required to do anything except catch fish. The convenience of showing up on the dock and jumping in the boat, rather than the alternative is a great way to enhance your fishing experience and allow you to focus on the fishing.

A Good Captain Knows Where to Fish

A local charter service has knowledge of the area. No good captain will guarantee that you will catch fish, but the chances are greatly improved when using a local captain that has been fishing the area for years. They will be able to access local spots that you would have otherwise missed and that can drastically increase your catch. The use of a larger, charter boat allows access to offshore locations and other varieties of fish that are inaccessible from a small craft. The knowledge of local hot spots can be the difference between catching fish and having a great adventure, or not catching fish and going home with no “big” fish story to tell.  Whether you are in Cabo San Lucas or Venice LA – hiring the best charter Captain will ensure you get the best experience. 

Good Stories and Good Fishing

charter fishing out of louisiana

charter fishing out of louisiana

The charter experience also provides benefits that you may not think about, such as knowledge of local laws and regulations regarding conservation. They also have a better understanding of the local habitat, and is someone with a vested interest in making sure that all the laws of the land and ideas regarding conservation are followed. The captain will have some great stories to tell and can offer some good conversation as well as having all of the gear needed and the knowledge of where to fish. All to make your experience on the boat enjoyable. Hiring a local captain and charter boat makes for a great opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert! Everything from technique to bait choice to equipment usage is up for discussion when you charter, and this can make for some great learning experiences for every level of angler.

Spend the Day Fishing

The captain will know what fish are in season and what can be caught or has to be returned, allowing you to choose what fish you want to go after. The charter captain will target their habitat and know what bait they will bite on, eliminating much of the guesswork that can go along with fishing and allows you to go after the specific sport fish you are interested in catching.