How Reliable Are Telescopic Fishing Rods?

How Reliable Are Telescopic Fishing Rods?

The reliability of telescopic fishing rods is often put to the test when a fish decides to bite the lure which has been presented to it. The truth of the matter however, is that no fishing rod can ever catch a fish with 100% certainty even in large waters, such as the Gulf of Mexico. There are always factors that can affect the success rate of the rod and they are not all related to how hard or easy the fishing rods are to use. While this may be true, most anglers tend to look at a particular fishing rod and judge its ability based on its strength.

Important Factors of Fishing Rods

The strength of a fishing rod depends on its material and the amount of times it has been submerged in water. Rods that have been exposed to saltwater on a fishing charter have a higher concentration of iron and therefore have greater strength. However, this is not the only criteria by which rods are judged. The weight of the fishing pole as well as the length of the material between the teeth are important factors. A shorter length rod can make it easier for the fish to cast but it will have less strength and if it is long enough, the fish may simply run away from the rod.

Comfort Is Important When Finding a Fishing Rod

The best possible solution for an angler in such a situation is a telescopic fishing pole. Not only does it give the user the chance to catch fish more successfully, it also offers them better comfort. Lighter rods mean that you will not have to struggle as much with the rod as you would have if you were using a heavy one. This is especially helpful when the target fish is bigger than you would usually have to. When it comes to catching fish, being comfortable is always important.

The Tube System on the Telescopic Fishing Rods

Telescopic fishing rods have a mechanism called the tube system. This consists of a rod holder that is placed in a cylindrical housing. Once the rod has been inserted, the housing can be lifted up and out of the water. There is an exit hole in the upper part of the tube. This is designed to allow the fishing rods to be retrieved from the water.

Best Features of the Telescopic Fishing Rod

Telescopic fishing rods often come with great features, such as guides at the end which allow you to find where the fish are biting. This is very useful for anglers who do not know where the fish are located. In addition, there is usually a weight limit on the fishing rods. Having the weight limit will allow anglers to make their catch comfortably portable.


If you are looking for the most reliable rod, then the Reelastic Rods are the best choice, especially if you are planning to book a Louisiana fishing charter. They are durable, reliable, easy to carry and reliable in catching the big ones. No matter what kind of fish you are going after, you will definitely be satisfied with the performance of this fishing rod. It is just up to you to decide which one you are going to go for.